Lacking A Proper Substitute, Zaccagni Will Play Through Injury For The Remaining Of The Match

The recent decrease in productivity of Lazio's front line, aside from the lack of optimal factor to be Ciro Immobile after he was injured and involved in a car accident, is also due to the lack of aggressiveness of Mattia Zaccagni, who has been the driving force behind attacks from the left side.  

According to Corriere dello Sport's report, Zaccagni's decline was directly linked to the pain that arose in the groin of the 27-year-old winger.  Based on the initial assessment by the club's medical staff during training in Formello, the cause of the pain was reportedly pubalgia, which is a soft tissue injury that occurs in the groin region, this is typically caused by sudden changes in position or twisting, or by collisions.  

This hypothesis is justified because Zaccagni is an 'easy target' for opposing players to stop his progress.  Frequently, the opponent's violations would lead to him falling to the ground and rolling on the field. With such circumstances, it's no surprise Zaccagni may be suffering from pubalgia.  Unfortunately, his pubalgia symptoms returned before the match, when his energy and talents were required to dismantle the opponent's defense. Because he's playing through discomfort, Zaccagni doesn't look as fierce as he used to.

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