Lotito: "The Coach Is Someone Who Devoted His Entire Day To Lazio, Together We Can And Will Accomplish Great Things."

Lazio President, Lotito, used the opportunity to speak to the press present at the Lega Serie A Charity Dinner, using opportunity to discuss the current subjects at Lazio, beginning with the transfer market: 

"Now is not the time to discuss the market.  Now we must wait for the championship to conclude, then create a future-oriented strategy. This will determine the composition of our team, which should be able to compete equally with everyone else. The official positioning at the end of the championship counts. We have assembled a team to compete against everyone else, and almost always have come out on top in direct contests.  It's an important accomplishment, organization and work are both important results that can be achieved."

Then, the sentence involving Juventus follows:

"I'm unfamiliar with speaking about sentences. I was one of those individuals who, when the finger was pointed at Juventus, reminded me that Juventus is a point of reference in Italian and international football. This must be clarified and remembered, looting actions are not mine. Juventus will have the opportunity to defend themselves in the appropriate venues. Celebrating negative events that hurt others is not in line with the principles of football."

Finally, about Sarri: 

"I have a close relationship with the coach.  He is a part of the team that conceived of this outcome, but not the sole contributor. We must remember that it's a team sport in which goals are achieved together, each of us playing a role.  When everyone works together at the same time, goals can be achieved more effectively.  When someone believes they are solely responsible for a result, goals often fail."

"The coach is someone who devoted his entire day to Lazio, he's addicted to the sport, I call him that.  I feel very happy with this, it serves as an additional benefit to the collective's expansion.  Together, we can and will accomplish great things.  Lazio must regain their former renown in the game of football: they have the largest sports center in the country. We devote a lot of effort to making this organization beneficial to the team and facilitating my goals. Everyone's contribution is important."

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