Petkovic: "Lazio Had A Good Championship. It Is Possible To Say That Sarri Accomplished His Duty. As Far As I'm Concerned, The Team Should Be Reinforced With Top-Quality Players."

Vladimir Petkovic recalls the date of May 26, 2013. Then the former Lazio coach recalled the thrilling voyage that led the Biancoceleste to the historic Italian Cup final victory over Roma. Lulic's strike in the 71st minute sent Lazio into ecstasy and the Giallorossi into Hell. Here are some of the Swiss technician's statements to the Il Messaggero:

"Only after a long time did I understand what we accomplished. It was a great honor, I have a great relationship with the fans. Beating Roma was incredible. The winning move was the barbecue with the families the day before in Formello."

"Lulic? We have a unique bond. Did you have a hard time with Lazio? Too bad. A sense of justice and decency was necessary. The club called me two weeks ago to invite me to the stadium against Cremonese, but I can't be there because I'm busy with my parents in Sarajevo. I'm sorry. I will never forget the day of May 26th. Best of luck to all of the Lazio fans for tomorrow."

Petkovic then also commented on the current path of the team coached by Sarri: 

"Lazio had a good championship. It is possible to say that Sarri accomplished his duty."

"Tare? I've read something about the conflict between them, but I don't want to discuss it. I can only state that he is an exceptional professional and that he has benefitted many."

"Transfer Market? As far as I'm concerned, the team should be reinforced with top-quality players." 

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