Lazio Just Received Approval From Berardi; Now They Must Persuade And Negotiate With Sassuolo To Agree To His Transfer

In recent hours, the name on everyone's lips at Lazio is undoubtedly Domenico Berardi. Following several days of speculation, it appears that the player has given his assent, and the focus must now shift to Sassuolo themselves.

Over the past few seasons, Berardi has proven himself to be a standout winger in the Italian League. Due to his impressive performances, reports have circulated frequently about the possibility of the player departing Sassuolo.

According to reports from Italian media outlets, Berardi has given his approval for a transfer to Lazio, which is a significant breakthrough in light of the numerous rejections from other potential suitors in recent years. 

The next hurdle will be to persuade Sassuolo to agree to the transfer, which is not guaranteed, considering the fact that they would lose their captain and an icon of over a decade. Nevertheless, Biancoceleste is optimistic and eager to provide Sarri with the player he wants.

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