Lazio Players Rating Throughout 2022/2023 Season

June 04, 2023

Lazio triumphs over Empoli and celebrates second place, knowing they have fulfilled their goal of qualifying for the next UEFA Champions League. This is the player rating for all biancoceleste players for the 2022-2023 season.

Provedel 7

Sarri has expressed a strong desire for this particular player, it takes 6 minutes to take the post and never leave it. A security. This goalkeeper has achieved an impressive record of 21 cleansheets, which is the highest in Lazio's history. As a result, he has rightfully earned the title of the best goalkeeper in Serie A.

Maximiano 5

The non-Sarri choice and his mistake with Bologna at first match resulted in severe consequences. He may lack of continuity but even when he do play, he tends to lack confidence and security.

Marusic 6.5

As he matures, he becomes an essential component to the coach's strategy. This season, while mostly successful, had some low points. His match against Leao during the 4-0 triumph at the Olimpico was a particularly outstanding performance.

Lazzari 6

He frequently stays in the bench this season. Although he does not always find continuity but takes advantage of every opportunity in a positive way.

Casale 7

After a period of two months, he finally reaches a point of absolute certainty. This transformation is monumental for him, causing an exponential growth in his personal development.

Romagnoli 7.5

The new environment appears to be no issue for him, as he adapts easily. He seems to have been made to play in Sarri's defensive line, where he excels as an undisputed leader. It is without question that he deserves to wear the number 13 jersey, as he has proven himself to be a worthy heir to the great Alessandro Nesta. Therefore, it can be said with confidence that jersey no. 13 is in good hands and is owned by a player who is more than deserving of it.

Patric 6.5

He always has that dose of nastiness that helps the team.  He starts as a starter but then slips onto the bench without making any noise. When called he is always brings a positive performance.

Gila 5.5

Too much money was spent on him.  He is appreciated in a few games, but doesn't leave a significant mark on the season as a whole.

Hysaj 6.5

He alternates moments of absolute brilliance with inexplicable downs. He has a less consistent season than the previous, but still has a positive reputation.  The manner in which he appears in Empoli for the final game can be observed.

Pellegrini 6

It's not easy to insert him immediately. He fights against Sarri's policy who is not a lover of defensive arrivals in January, but is deserving of confirmation for commitment and grit.

Radu 6.5

His final season with Lazio. Already become a legend in this club. Hold the highest number of appearances for the biancoceleste, despite only having played a few minutes this season. However, his presence in the locker room always increases the morale of the teams.

Luis Alberto 8

Football is beautiful precisely because it is able to overturn everything. In January, he was prepared and ready to return to Spain. With no other options, he recognized that he had the capacity to play his talent and led the season's finale to a successful conclusion, this was particularly significant because he destined to led the future project. Simply breathtaking.

Cataldi 7.5

Season to be framed for Danilo.  He crushes skepticism and grumbling with a vintage performance of his highest level. The teams is missing when he is absent. Sarri trusts him and he reciprocates!

Vecino 6.5

He arrives to put a patch in midfield.  In reality he becomes decisive for the balance of the whole team.

Marcos Antonio 5

Perhaps the actual letdown of the season. Definitely a lost bet. He lacks the attributes or physicality necessary to be able to fit permanently in midfield.

Milinkovic-Savic 7.5

It was a difficult season for him.  The World Cup and a sprained ankle have had a significant impact on him.  He is one step away from saying goodbye after 8 years and no renewal, but he delivers a fantastic season finale, second place in the league standings, the finest result of the Lotito period.  He finishes with nine goals and eight assists.  Applause only for him.

Basic 5.5

He doesn't blossom. He has the appearance of a respectable young man, but he struggles to depart from his mark.

Luka Romero 6

Last summer in Auronzo, he made everyone fall in love with him.  With the ball glued to his foot, he moves like a mini-Messi. He finding little room, but he is decisive with Monza, and the contract renewal issue pushes him off the radar.

Pedro 7

Determined on and off the pitch.  His experience helps in many occasions.  He brings up the team in moments of down.

Cancellieri 5

It turns out to be a bad investment over time.  He needs to be Immobile's backup, but he lacks the necessary attributes.

Felipe Anderson 7.5

He is the answer to all problems.  He plays everywhere, all the time, and to the point of weariness.  On the wing, he's generous; as a central striker, he's diabolical.  He significantly replaces Immobile's role when the captain is absent.

Immobile 6.5

It has not been an easy season for him.  Ciro is injured four times, and as if that weren't enough, a severe vehicle accident occurs to try to confine him, but Ciro's heart is enormous.  He is never give up. He does, however, finish in double figures.

Zaccagni 7.5

For him, it was a memorable season.  Mancini's failure to call him up to the Azzurri is embarrassing given that he is by far the greatest Italian winger in the league.  In 1 on 1, he is impregnable.

Sarri 9

He has no shades of gray; it's either black or white for him. He doesn't perform well in Europe, placing the league above all else, but the journey that gets Lazio to the Champions League merits a standing ovation. The club finished second for the fourth time in their history. Lotito has found the appropriate guide; now he just needs to be supported. He is the answer, not the problem.

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