Lazio's Performance Review For 2022/2023 Serie A

June 04, 2023

The season for Lazio, led by Maurizio Sarri, concluded with a total of 74 points. This marked the breakdown of a formidable barrier of 70 points, which had only been accomplished three times in the history of the Lazio region before the present season. The first was in the renowned championship season of 1999-2000, where 72 points were achieved in 34 match days. The remaining two occasions transpired in the 2017-18 and 2019-20 seasons, where 72 and 78 points were respectively earned in 38 match days.

This is a significant achievement for the Biancoceleste team. They performed consistently well in both the first and second rounds of the championship, garnering 37 points in each portion. This averages to nearly two points per game, which allowed Immobile and his team to finish second only to Napoli and ahead of formidable opponents such as Inter, Milan, and even Juventus, whether or not the latter had received penalties. Their success was a product of strong performances and a steadfast commitment to their playing philosophy. They knew how to entertain their audience while also enduring hardships.

The 21 clean sheets are also the epitome of a department that has reduced its number from 58 to 30 hits.  A significant alteration of men, but also a change in attitude that has been derived from him.  which is a significant difference from the previous 12 months, when they finished fifth.

Ultimately, and this is no small accomplishment, Sarri closed the season with a victory in both derbies: the previous one was Reja in 2011/12. The former Chelsea also closes for the second year ahead of Roma, this time leading by over 10 points (at the moment there are 14 but it depends on the result of the Giallorossi against Spezia).

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