[Official] Igli Tare Decide To Leave Lazio End Of This June

The future of Igli Tare, the sporting director of Lazio who has a contract that ends on June 30th, is one of the most talked about topics in the Biancoceleste community. Many of the dynamics that have emerged today, including the director's uncertainty about their future, are significant. As a result, of course, of Lazio's own accord. Intending to clarify the situation, Tare himself wrote a letter to announce his future:

"After 18 years, my wonderful experience as sporting director of S.S. Lazio will come to an end. I've made this choice for a while, but for the sake of Lazio I have waited to reach the Champions League goal, knowing that I've built a strong team, featuring exceptional footballers that are predisposed to achieve this goal."

"It was a long and pleasant journey that included joys, defeats, and trophies. I will never stop thanking the President of the club, Lotito, for the opportunity he has provided me, the Biancoceleste supporters who have come into my heart, the club's entire membership, the players, and all those who have been associated with me on a personal level. I especially want to thank my family, who has consistently supported me."

"A remarkable opportunity that included both football and management and which I will never forget, taking every single moment of this journey with me."

"With the expectation that each of you will continue, with the same passion that I had, in a Jealously dedicated way to protecting this beautiful reality. Always Forza Lazio. Igli Tare."

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