Cadiz Is Now Obliged To Buy Escalante From Lazio After They Are Confirmed To Be Participating Again In La Liga Next Season

It appears that the redemption of Gonzalo Escalante by Cadiz is nearly done, as the team's continued presence in the top tier of Spanish football carries significant implications for the upcoming season's roster.

Once the select group of twenty clubs that will officially participate is known, the club can begin taking the necessary steps for the 2023/24 season project and delve deeper into it.

Gonzalo Escalante, an Argentine midfielder, arrived on loan from Lazio in January with the precondition of being bought by Cadiz if they continued in the First Division. Escalante proved himself to be a valuable player for the team, scoring four goals after his arrival. Having met the objective, he has confirmed his return to the Spanish League by signing a permanent contract with Cadiz for the next season.

The news is certainly a cause for celebration for Lazio, who will soon be receiving a sum of approximately 5 million euros. The exact amount will be confirmed in the following weeks, as Biancoceleste prepares to disclose official details regarding the transaction.

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