Radu: "Football Has Been My Sole Focus, But As I Approach The End Of My Football Career, I Plan To Take A Moment To Reflect And Contemplate My Future Goals."

June 01, 2023

During his final match against Cremonese, Stefan Radu bid farewell to the Lazio supporters as a football player. He will have his definitive retirement from football after his match against Empoli on Saturday night. Radu holds the record for the most appearances in the history of Lazio, and he is a symbol of a shared connection with the fans. After 15 years, the now-former defender will now have to confront a new future. In an interview with Pro Sport, Radu elaborated on his plans going forward.

"After my vacation, I plan to take a moment to reflect and contemplate my future goals. Football has been my sole focus, and I have been resolute in not allowing myself to be sidetracked by thoughts of what's to come. But as I approach the end of my football career, I realize the importance of planning for the future. I intend to devote time to training and improving myself as I've developed an intense drive for it in recent years."

"I don't just mean the gym, I include running in my definition, I must remain connected and not just physically, this is also significant.  You must take football seriously.  There are aspects of your age that you should consider, you're young, and there are dangers.  However, you should know that you have additional time later, this may be of interest to the younger generation, during the initial stages of travel.  Additionally, the family life with children is exceptional."

"Will we remain in the country of Italy? Yes, we remain here, but as is common knowledge, we also travel to Romania. I have never eradicated Romania, the channels at home are Romanian, and the children have mastered the language perfectly. We are Romanians living in Italy. Mum is at home and sometimes the desire to return is great. You know how it is, mum is mum. So far I have managed to stay in Romania for quite a while, in the future I will do it more often."

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