Bologna Has Rejected Lazio's First Offer For Orsolini

Lazio's initial attempt to acquire the talented Bologna player, Riccardo Orsolini, has been rejected. Nevertheless, this setback has not diminished their determination to secure the winger's services during the upcoming summer transfer window.

Lazio's first offer for Riccardo Orsolini has been rejected by Bologna, but the club from the Italian capital intends to present a revised proposal at the earliest opportunity.

Maurizio Sarri's team, the Aquile, is currently seeking to bolster their attacking force by recruiting a winger. Their primary objective is to secure the services of Domenico Berardi from Sassuolo. However, it should be noted that Berardi's market value has significantly increased, rendering him a more costly acquisition. Unfortunately, the capital club is currently unable to meet this financial demand.

Orsolini, who has only one year remaining on his contract with Bologna, has become the new focus of attention for the Aquile. This has been primarily since his contractual situation makes him a more financially viable option.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport, recent information has come to light regarding the negotiations between Biancoceleste and Rossoblu. It has been disclosed that an offer in the vicinity of 7 million euros was made by Biancoceleste, but it was promptly turned down by Rossoblu. The latter party was aiming to secure a minimum of 15 million euros for the 26-year-old player.

The capital eagles now have two options: submit a greater proposal in the area of 10 million Euros or include Matteo Cancellieri in the sale for 7 million Euros. The second idea might happen given that the Rossoblu are fans of Cancellieri who is handled by the same agent as Orsolini.

Meanwhile, The Aquile has yet to sign any new players from the list of those sought by Maurizio Sarri, who is looking for three to four new players.

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