Sarri Issues Lotito An Ultimatum To Acquire New Player Within 7 Days

The present moment calls for a shift towards a more serious approach. There is no room for further justifications or delays, and time is of the essence. The prevailing mindset among the majority of Lazio fans has also influenced Sarri. The head coach is feeling a sense of urgency and is no longer willing to endure indefinite waiting. 

The start of Auronzo retreat has begun without any new acquisitions, and also without Milinkovic. The Sergeant is out, his transfer fee of 40 million euros could have contributed to the team's market activities.  This is why Sarri no longer wants to wait and, even if he transmits serenity from the outside, inside him he is anything but calm.

Maurizio Sarri has presented an ultimatum. He has given a strict timeframe of 7 days to witness real results from the market and to welcome the first acquisitions to Auronzo. Failure to meet this deadline will result in the coach permanently losing his patience and expressing his discontent to President Lotito.  

Despite having patiently listened to explanations for the delays over the past month and having placed trust in the received promises, there have been no reinforcements as of July 13. Consequently, the time for calmness has come to an end.

Despite the circumstances, however, Sarri continues to preach quietly in public, continuing to use humor.  "Which market?" He responded to the fans who had gathered around him for news.  He wishes to avoid controversial situations in front of everyone but is prepared to do so in private. 

Lotito participated in the Senate on Saturday and will be in Milan the following day regarding the TV rights issue.  Impossible to completely depend on Fabiani, who is still moving, but is also limited by the lack of a formal position as DS and the final words he wishes to utter to Lotito.

Before departing for Auronzo, a meeting occurred in Formello that caused Sarri to become nervous now because the situation hasn't changed in these three days.  For this, the time available is running out.  We need answers as soon as possible.

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