Lazio Is Willing To Loan Gonzalez Out For Experience, And Three Italian Clubs Are Interested In Him

Lazio has placed their trust in Diego Gonzalez as a key player for the future, but he must gain playing experience elsewhere first. Due to the overwhelming number of players in the attacking position, the talented Paraguayan may find limited opportunities to showcase his skills this year with the Biancoceleste. With the recent additions of Castellanos and Isaksen, the 2003 class would fall to seventh place in Sarri's offensive lineup.

After the friendly match against Primorje at Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Sarri stopped giving the young striker any playing time. He sat on the bench for four consecutive games against Triestina, NK Bravo, Aston Villa, and Girona. As a result, there have been recent discussions about the possibility of loaning him out to allow for his optimal development. The Corriere dello Sport reports that there are numerous options to consider, with the most popular choices being Salernitana and Frosinone, while Cagliari remains a distant possibility in the background.

It would be counterproductive for Gonzalez to remain in Rome. He would participate in the Primavera championship as an overage two years older, whilst in the Youth League, he could not even be included in the team due to the overage regulations. 

Gonzalez and Lazio's paths may have diverged after Lazio signed him from Celaya last season, but they are destined to cross again. It will see you sooner than they will say farewell.

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