[Official] Fabiani Is Appointed As Lazio's New Sporting Director

Following the conclusion of the summer transfer window, in which Lazio made several significant acquisitions, including Kamada, Isaksen, Rovella, and the return of Luca Pellegrini, the club has officially announced the appointment of their new Sports Director.

"S.S. Lazio announces that the role of Sporting Director of the first team has been entrusted to Mr. Mariano Fabiani, current manager of the Youth Sector."

Fabiani is regarded by Lotito as the perfect second-in-command. Their long-standing acquaintance and nearly decade-long collaboration at Salernitana, leading to the club's momentous promotion to Serie A, only strengthen this perception. The president recognized the need for a transformation in Formello and began strategizing a year ago. In recent weeks, the plan has been executed, and Angelo Fabiani has been appointed as the sports director for the next four years.

With the departure of Tare and the removal of other prominent figures, a new direction was set in motion. The tenure of Fabiani ushered in a fresh era, and his influence was immediately evident in the Lazio headquarters through his hands-on approach and hard work. His diplomacy and a fine balance in relationship management have proven critical in recent months in keeping the union in the Lazio project intact.

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