The Outcome Of The Formello Meeting Between Lotito, Sarri, And The Staff

The final display of trust between all parties involved was enacted during the meeting held in Formello. This meeting included members of staff, coaches, and management. To facilitate this gathering, Lotito, the president, mobilized the headquarters. Lotito claims that the recent stagnation in the market can be attributed to the circulation of rumors and confidential information in the media. The leakage of such news and deliberations has proven to be detrimental to the management of Lazio, hindering their ability to maneuver. The exorbitant sums demanded for the highly coveted players recommended by Sarri have ultimately impeded Lazio's progress.

Lotito has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of acknowledgment of silence, although the exact accusation remains ambiguous. This expectation of silence applies universally, even to long-standing acquaintances. The moment for action has arrived. Lotito has committed to providing the Tuscan coach with four additional reinforcements, and he intends to fulfill this promise. Furthermore, he will discreetly attempt to reacquire a couple of specific objectives.

When considering affordability in terms of age and price, Ricci and Pellegrini are certainly more accessible options. However, the ultimate decision will rely solely on the president's personal preferences, to align with the coach's vision. He may be been waiting for some shots even up until the past week, to call some teams' bluff on the rising cost.

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