Both Lazzari And Basic Have Expressed Their Discontent With Sarri's Recent Decisions

Manuel Lazzari and Toma Basic have expressed their discontent after being left out of Maurizio Sarri's Lazio playing formation this season. In the past summer transfer window, both players were rumored to be considering offers from multiple clubs. The full-back had a fit of anger as a result of being unhappy with a decision made by his team.

Neither of the players were able to earn the trust of the Aquile coach, and as a result, neither has made an appearance at the start of this current season. This has caused a sense of despondency to permeate throughout Formello. According to Il Messaggero, Lazzari failed to make an impression on Sarri, who chose to keep him on the bench during the Monza game despite believing that he deserved an opportunity to play after his performance in the Champions League match against Atletico Madrid.

Last Sunday, the Biancoceleste reprimanded the defender for his inappropriate conduct and warned him of a possible long-term ban if he did not improve his behavior.

Basic also revealed that he was dissatisfied, although Sarri stated last summer that if the midfielder stayed, he would be the club's last option.  This is important because the club is competing in three competitions this season: Serie A, Champions League, and Coppa Italia.

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