Guendouzi Is Preferred Over Kamada To Start The Game Against Juventus

His thick, curly hair was unforgettable to the people of Napoli. During the match, he drove the Napoli players insane and almost resulted in a score. The only thing that prevented it was a few crucial centimeters, the fine line between an onside and offside position. Unfortunately, Guendouzi was not fortunate enough to be onside, but his debut in front of the Lazio crowd could not have gone any better.

Sarri declared in a press conference that everyone was already enamored with him, allowing him to quickly establish himself in Rome and challenge the coach's convictions. Indeed, Guendouzi has already shown promising results after only one week of training as the central midfielder on the right, playing alongside Rovella and Luis Alberto. During the national break, and with Kamada absent, he took the opportunity to rise to the occasion and is now prepared to take on greater responsibility.

Il Corriere dello Sport reports that Kamada is scheduled to arrive in the capital on Wednesday, just three days before the crucial match against Juventus, following a trip from Japan. It may be an unnecessary risk to field him from the beginning against the Bianconeri, especially considering that a player of Guendouzi's caliber is available.

The French player is actively positioning himself for a starting position on the team. He has recently completed a two-week program of rigorous physical and strategic training on the field, to enhance his overall athletic ability and further align himself with the coach's vision of football. His effortless integration into the team has already left a lasting impression, and according to Sarri, he can provide a greater degree of defensive stability in important games - something that Kamada may struggle to deliver. 

This pleasant uncertainty is an interesting prospect for the coach. Milinkovic's departure did leave a void, but it has been replaced by midfielders who have a substantial number of possibilities, but above all players who have enhanced his level.

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