Rossi: "It Would Have Been Unusual For Immobile To Continue Performing At The Same Level As He Had In Previous Years. But It Is Indisputable That Lazio Cannot Function Without Him."

September 22, 2023

Tag24 recently interviewed Delio Rossi, a former coach for Lazio, who shared his perspective on the current situation involving Immobile and the last match against Atletico Madrid. In the interview, Rossi made the following statements:

"The match against Atletico Madrid proved to be quite challenging, largely because of the formidable opponent. Nevertheless, Lazio needed to begin the group stage by facing the strongest team and securing at least one point. The fact that the goalkeeper scored a goal in the 95th minute was unexpected, but a welcome outcome."

"It is evident that players are not invincible, thus the notion of immobility is unfounded. However, it would have been unusual for Immobile to continue performing at the same level as he had in previous years. The club recognized the need to plan for a potential decline, but it is indisputable that Lazio cannot function without him. While he may require assistance or a substitute in certain circumstances, he will always be renowned as a top striker. The team and the club must provide support for him to regain his form."

"When you play every three days, you have to have a squad of 22 players, so you have to apply the rotation. It's appropriate to give Immobile a break so Castellanos may demonstrate his abilities." 

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