Sepe: "Being At Lazio Fills Me With Joy And Excitement. My Presence On The Team Will Undoubtedly Be Beneficial Since I Am Familiar With Both Provedel And The Coach's Style Of Play."

As reported by, Luigi Sepe, the newly appointed goalkeeper for Biancoceleste, recently shared some interesting stories about himself and also touched upon the topics of Sarri and Provedel during an interview with the club's official microphones. Sepe will be serving as the backup for Provedel in the upcoming season.

"Being at Lazio fills me with joy and excitement. My presence on the team will undoubtedly be beneficial since I am familiar with both Provedel and the coach's style of play. Furthermore, I have a clear understanding of how the coach operates, which will enable me to make a significant contribution during training sessions."

"My familiarity with Sarri dates back quite a while, and I can attest to the fact that he has remained consistent throughout the years. He is an individual who strives for perfection and pays close attention to every detail on the field. Ivan, whom I met some years ago, has grown into an exceptional goalkeeper, displaying an impressive level of fortitude. It's the Lazio I expected, with great players, top club mentality, and very united."

"I have always had a fondness for the number 33, particularly since my first experience at Lanciano where I wore it proudly. I chose to place the L with the dot before my last name because otherwise there would be too much space on the shirt."

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