With Pedro's Physical Condition Still Unknown, Sarri Will Accelerate Isaksen's Adaptation Phase And Make Him The Primary Rotation

As Gustav Isaksen goes through the process of settling in at Lazio, he finds himself increasingly invigorated by the work he is doing under the guidance of Sarri. The young Danish talent has taken a keen interest in Felipe Anderson, a prominent figure in the biancoceleste formation, and has used him as a point of reference to inform his own growth and development.

According to a report by Corriere dello Sport, Isaksen has a strong desire is to win as many trophies as possible with Lazio. The young and talented Danish player has successfully navigated his initial period of adaptation, and now that the heat has passed, he is eager to demonstrate his full potential to Sarri. Isaksen is currently ranked below Felipe Anderson and Zaccagni in the Biancoceleste coach's hierarchy, but due to Pedro's physical continuous problems, he is viewed as the primary alternative.

As the European commitments loom closer, the class of 2001 can look forward to a greater number of opportunities. In the meantime, they have found guidance through a Brazilian winger who has taken on a mentor role in the dressing room. In an interview with some news reporters, Isaksen stated that Felipe Anderson has been looking after him and coaching him on how to assimilate more quickly into Sarri's cautious systems. 

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