Simeone: "I'm Getting Goosebumps. I Am Grateful For The Support That Lazio Fans Always Give Me, And I Am Very Happy To Be Able To Meet Them Again In The Champions League."

Diego Simeone, a former Lazio player, expressed his emotional connection with the upcoming match between Atletico Madrid and Lazio at the latter's home ground on the first day of the Champions League group phase.

When asked by Tuttomercatoweb about his emotions regarding his return to the Stadio Olimpico, Diego Simeone expressed, "I'm getting goosebumps."

"I feel like I've been taken back to the years when I had an incredible career as a player. The supporters here have always loved me from day one."

"During a wonderful period, we were victorious in numerous matches. I hold many cherished memories from this time, and I am confident that we will reunite during the upcoming match."

"I am grateful for the support that Lazio fans always give me," said Simeone.

When Atletico Madrid and Lazio were drawn into the same group during the group phase of this season's Champions League, Simeone expressed his elation about the draw.

El Cholo, the coach, wants the Stadio Olimpico to be full of Biancoceleste fans tomorrow so that the stadium atmosphere is similar to when he played for the club some years ago.

"We used to have a fantastic team. I opened the championship competition with a header against Juventus in 2000."

"We wanted the Scudetto title, and in the end, we won it."

"Hopefully tomorrow the stadium will be filled with fans, and I am very happy to be able to meet them again in the Champions League," the coach ended. 

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