Immobile: "I Think It's Impossible For A True Lazio Fan To Say Anything Negative About Me. When The Time Comes, I Am Confident In My Abilities To Score Goals Once Again."

October 17, 2023

Lately, Ciro Immobile has been facing criticism regarding his low goal-scoring record for Lazio. The Italian striker has only managed to score two goals in nine appearances across all competitions. In response to the insults he received, the 33-year-old emphasized that those who attacked him were not genuine supporters of the Capital Eagles.

Lazio's performance at the beginning of this season has been lackluster, and it appears that Ciro Immobile has not been able to single-handedly pull his team out of their slump, as he has in previous years. As a result, some of the fans are calling for Valentin Castellanos, the backup striker, to be given more time on the field.

During an interview with LaLazioSiamoNoi, the forward began by addressing his state of mind and physical condition.

He uttered, "I anticipated a different beginning, but I am well and not troubled. The atmosphere amongst my colleagues is amicable and productive. I remain collected and confident that the outcomes will soon be fruitful.

Afterward, he was questioned regarding the negative feedback he received from his supporters.

"The comments that have been directed towards me are causing the most anguish to my brother and my wife, as they are the ones who genuinely care about my accomplishments over the years. I think it's impossible for a true Lazio fan to say anything negative about me."

In the concluding moments, he briefly touched upon the caliber of his backup, Valentin Castellanos.

"He showed great intelligence from the beginning, and his eagerness to learn was evident. Taty's arrival, along with the other new players, will certainly be beneficial to our team. We are eager to witness their contributions and hard work," he said.

"I have yet to encounter a challenge that truly tests my abilities. I am consistently in my prime form and ready to perform at any given opportunity. When the time comes, I am confident in my abilities to score goals once again."

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