Marusic: "Making Up For The Vacancy Left By Sergej, Who Had Been A Vital Player For Lazio For Eight Years And Was Widely Regarded As One Of The Top Midfielders In Serie A, Has Proven To Be No Small Feat. However, With Time, We Gradually Improved Our Game."

Serbia and Montenegro are scheduled to compete against each other during the group stage of qualifying for the next European Championship. Adam Marusic, who previously played alongside his friend Sergej Milinkovic Savic, will now face him as an opponent on the field. In an interview with Sportklub, the Biancoceleste's fullback addressed the subject of their relationship and the impact of the midfielder's absence on Lazio. Here are the Montenegrin's statements:

"In the initial stages, we suffered defeats in the first two matches against teams that were considered weaker on paper. However, with time, we gradually improved our game. Furthermore, we welcomed several new players, who needed time to adjust to Mr. Sarri's game strategy and system."

"Making up for the vacancy left by Sergej, who had been a vital player for Lazio for eight years and was widely regarded as one of the top midfielders in Serie A, has proven to be no small feat. However, with some time having passed and new team members successfully acclimating to the system of play, I believe that we will achieve more favorable outcomes."

"Upon my arrival at the club, I was greeted by Sergej who provided me with support and guidance, for which I am indebted. For six years, we shared both on and off-pitch experiences daily. Our bond extended beyond the game and he was an integral part of the team. Regrettably, he chose to accept an offer he could not turn down and left for Arabia."

"In the past, we have faced each other on multiple occasions, including our initial encounter during the League of Nations in 2018 and now in the qualifiers for the European Championship. Looking forward to the next match, I anticipate a hard-fought battle, but I hope that after the final whistle, Montenegro will emerge victorious and celebrate their hard-earned triumph."

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