Vecino's Remarkable Journey: From Summer Transfer Market Exit To Lazio Season Saviour

October 16, 2023

After the international break, Serie A teams are ready to make their return to the pitch, and in the upcoming round, Lazio is set to face Sassuolo in an away match. Sarri's squad headed into the break with a significant 3-2 victory over Atalanta, a result that could instill confidence for the remainder of the season. Lazio's initial performance in the season was far from outstanding, but in recent games, they've found reliance in a player who has proven to be a game-changer, and he may continue to be throughout the year.

That player is Matías Vecino, a genuine lucky charm for Lazio, as they consistently emerge victorious when he finds the net. Over the last four matches, spanning both league and Champions League competitions, the Uruguayan midfielder has scored thrice. This includes the crucial goal that unlocked the match against Torino, a decisive header that secured a draw against Celtic in Glasgow, and, most notably, a spectacular acrobatic strike that sealed the win against Atalanta. His impact has been undeniably positive, which is rather paradoxical considering that, at the close of the summer transfer window, he was on the verge of being transferred to Galatasaray.

During that critical juncture, it was Sarri himself who intervened to halt Vecino's transfer. He reached out to the player, conveying that there was no room for him to depart from Lazio. Following that conversation, Vecino exhibited unwavering commitment and didn't entertain any doubts about remaining with Lazio, a testament to his exceptional professionalism. This decision turned out to be the right one, as "The Commander's" most steadfast ally, in times of need, transformed into a crucial extra presence. For Sarri, Vecino embodies significant added value to the midfield, given his adaptability in various roles, consistently executed with determination and seasoned experience. In a way, the Uruguayan has emerged as a pivotal figure for the Biancoceleste, bestowing them with his invaluable contributions, with hopes for this trend to endure as consistently as possible.

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