Lotito: "Immobile's Contract With Lazio Will Run Until 2026. While Some Fans May Have Angered Him, The Club Has No Intention Of Letting Him Go. I Regard Ciro As If He Were My Child."

The president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito, has made it clear that his club is eager to keep their captain Ciro Immobile on the team. Additionally, he has stated that there have been no inquiries or proposals from other clubs regarding his services.

Ciro Immobile, the 33-year-old striker for Lazio, has voiced his discontent with the criticisms he has faced at the beginning of this season. He has also shared that he feels a slight twinge of hurt, especially considering his impressive track record with Lazio.

Since he arrived in 2016, Immobile has managed to score 198 goals in 306 appearances for Lazio. However, his initial performances in the current season proved to be a challenge as he only scored two goals in nine appearances. With the addition of Valentin Castellanos, the pressure on Immobile has significantly increased.

During an interview with Il Messaggero, Lotito discussed Immobile's future and the possibility of the striker relocating to Saudi Arabia in the upcoming months.

"My knowledge about Saudi Arabia is limited as I have never been asked about it before, and therefore, I do not possess much information on their possible interests. Regarding the issue of Ciro, we have never inquired about it," he clarified.

"Immobile's contract with Lazio will run until 2026. While some fans may have angered him, the club has no intention of letting him go."

"In addition, Castellanos has made commendable statements about himself, thereby eliminating any potential for competition or hostility."

"In my personal opinion, I regard Ciro as if he were my child. Without any proposals or inquiries, there isn't much to assess or analyze."

"If he had the opportunity to relocate, it is highly unlikely that he would not have informed us of said option. It is not our intention to deceive or manipulate anyone into purchasing something against their wishes."

During the previous summer, Immobile garnered interest from various clubs in Saudi Arabia. These clubs proposed a two-year contract for a total of 35 million Euros, exceeding what he was being paid in Rome.

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