Pedro Set To Begin From The First Minute As Lazio Takes On Celtic In The Champions League

Pedro, the winger for Lazio's attacking team, is having a difficult start to his season. His performance has been lackluster, as evidenced by the limited playing time of his matches in both the league and the Champions League. Of course, he needs to be encouraged due to his age, especially given the demanding schedule of matches. When he played in Milan, he immediately made an impact by scoring a stunning goal, which unfortunately was disallowed by VAR due to Immobile's offside position at the start. Nevertheless, Pedro is determined to regain his starting position, and perhaps this could be a turning point for him in Europe.

Pedro's hypothesis is supported by the fact that Zaccagni consistently plays from the 1st minute. However, this means that Zaccagni may need a break during a challenging game like the one in Scotland. In this scenario, Sarri could benefit from Pedro's experience and stamina, especially since there is another match against Atalanta on Sunday that needs to be considered. Is it possible that this could be a chance for the former Barcelona player, who hasn't been in the starting lineup since Empoli's last match of the previous season, to make a comeback?

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