Valeri's January Transfer Dream: Enlisting Agent's Help to Secure Lazio Move

Emanuele Valeri has a dream to fulfill – he wants to return home to Lazio and prove his worth. Despite being left out of the squad by his current club, Cremonese, and not having played since June of last year, Valeri has not given up on the idea of joining his favorite team. His contract with Cremonese is set to expire in June of this year, but he has no interest in renewing it. Valeri and his agents are actively working towards finding a positive solution to make his dream a reality.

The young man has a strong desire to join Lazio. Though he is open to waiting until the summer and joining as a free agent, he would prefer to make the move sooner rather than later and arrive in Formello as early as January. In pursuit of his goal, he has requested that his agent take steps to facilitate negotiations with the involved clubs and arrive at a satisfactory arrangement.

Currently, Lazio's interest in Valeri is limited to a specific niche. The plan is to acquire him only at zero cost. Additionally, it's important to note that the full-back position is already well-staffed. However, this situation could change if offers for Manuel Lazzari or Adam Marusic were to be presented.

Should concrete offers deemed suitable for either player land on Lotito's desk, it could open the door to accommodate Valeri. Alongside Pellegrini, he would shape the left-side dynamic, a forward-thinking and attacking combination. Hysaj, too, might adapt, switching between the flanks as the situation and the opposition demand. Valeri holds aspirations to join Lazio, possibly as soon as January, but the path ahead won't be without challenges.

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