Sarri: "I Told Him, He Was A Really Annoying Person. I Find Mourinho's Presence In Front Of The Press Unacceptable. I Enjoy Him As He Is Now."

The Italian League's Derby della Capitale, pitting Lazio against AS Roma, concluded in a stalemate with both teams failing to score any goals. The final 0-0 scoreline appeared to be an appropriate outcome for Lazio and AS Roma, who engaged in a fierce battle throughout the match.

AS Roma seemed to find their recent draw to be quite pleasant. This is likely because they have a limited amount of time to rest before their upcoming match against Lazio. As a result, the Giallorossi are not particularly dissatisfied with the outcome of the draw against their rivals.

The game appeared to be enjoyable for AS Roma's coach, Jose Mourinho, as well as Lazio's tactician, Maurizio Sarri. Throughout the match, the two seasoned coaches engaged in multiple exchanges on the sidelines.

The dynamic between Mou and Sarri is known to be quite variable. This implies that their interactions can range from heated arguments to intimate conversations akin to those between close companions.

Following the match, Mourinho and Sarri shared their perspectives. They both concurred that they harbored no animosity towards each other on a personal level. They are amicable enough to share a laugh or two when engaging in conversations outside of the pitch.

As acknowledged by Jose Mourinho:

"He always teases me, we previously joked with each other before the game," said Mourinho as reported by Football Italia.

"I said something true, we didn't have any problems at all. We joked after this match ended. We didn't laugh and were sad about this draw. That's the meaning of a draw," he continued.

A similar statement was also made by Maurizio Sarri's side. He admitted that he would often play jokes with Mourinho. The Italian coach called Mourinho an extraordinary man.

However, he also highlighted Mourinho's character when he was in front of the media. He seemed to see two different figures in Mourinho when he was in the media. However, he is fond of Mourinho as a common person who doesn't require much drama.

"We had different opinions before this match," said Sarri.

"I told him, he was a really annoying person. He also exhibited the same impression of me. I find Mourinho's presence in front of the press unacceptable. I enjoy him as he is now," he explained. 

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