Lotito: "While Recent Results Have Not Been Ideal, I Firmly Believe That After The Celebration, Our Team Will Rise Again To Prove That We Are The First Team In The Capital."

December 20, 2023

At the recent Christmas dinner held at Spazio Novecento, Lazio's president, Claudio Lotito, took the opportunity to share his thoughts with Lazio Style Channel. Reflecting on the past year, Lotito emphasized the importance of the team and the significance of the holiday season. Here is what he had to say:

"Our fans have shown tremendous enthusiasm, and it is only fitting that we deliver performances that match our true potential. While recent results have not been ideal, I firmly believe that after the celebration, our team will rise again to prove that we are the first team in the capital."

"At Christmas I ask for the desire to demonstrate on the pitch the fundamental aspect of values in the world of sport. This serves as a means to extend assistance to those who are less fortunate and to provide them with the reassurance that they are not alone. By channeling our dedication and enthusiasm, we can assist them in overcoming their challenges with greater ease."

"I haven't had time to do anything because I was in the Senate this morning and then I had various commissions." I'll be back at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. I'm living a hell of a life, but I'm doing it with determination and a desire to make a difference. On the field, I want the team to have the same approach. I call for a group that is cohesive, determined, and humble, with a competitive intensity to attain goals and results. What happened to the phones when it was Christmas? I recognize I'm doing this for the people, those who support us, and from a political standpoint. I have always encouraged everyone to speak their opinions, which can help us improve." 

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