Marusic: "Genoa Displays Exceptional Football Skills, Making This Game A Tough One. We Are Fully Aware Of Our Potential And Must Strive To Perform At A Higher Level."

Ahead of the Lazio - Genoa match, it was Adam Marusic who had the opportunity to share his thoughts. The full-back for Biancoceleste took center stage in front of the Mediaset cameras to provide his commentary on the upcoming Italian Cup game.

"Having already secured victory in the Italian Cup during my time at Lazio, I am determined to achieve triumph once again. The upcoming match against Genoa poses a significant challenge, especially considering our previous loss against them on our home turf. Genoa displays exceptional football skills, making this game a tough one. We are fully aware of our potential and must strive to perform at a higher level. Our recent win against Cagliari was crucial, and now we must give our all and maintain focus from the very beginning of the match."

"The prospect of a potential quarter-final match against Roma undoubtedly provides us with an additional surge of motivation. This particular fixture holds great significance for the fans, ourselves, and the club. Our objective is to advance to the next round and have the opportunity to compete in the derby. Although I haven't found the back of the net in quite some time, securing a victory takes precedence over personal scoring achievements. Ultimately, it matters less who scores and more about the collective success of the team. However, if I do manage to find the net, it would undoubtedly be a gratifying experience." 

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