Sarri: "We Definitely Don't Show Our True Strength This Year. I Believe That This Evening's Display Can Serve As A Solid Foundation Upon Which We Can Build And Move Forward."

December 18, 2023

Responding to critics who accused Lazio of being overly predictable following their loss to Inter, Maurizio Sarri defended his team's performance by highlighting their ranking, which falls between second place last season and their current position of 11th in the Serie A standings.

In the initial stages of the match, Lazio showcased their superiority in generating scoring chances. Nevertheless, it was Inter who ultimately triumphed in the recent game, securing a 2-0 victory and further extending their lead over Juventus in the standings.

After the match concluded, Maurizio Sarri addressed Dazn and made the following statement:

"We effectively contained Inter's movements throughout the match, leaving them with limited space to operate. Our performance was exceptional for the majority of the game, spanning a solid 65 minutes. However, a series of errors seemed to influence the crowd's negative reaction, which was directed towards previous mistakes rather than tonight's performance. Personally, I believe that this evening's display can serve as a solid foundation upon which we can build and move forward."

"Certain teams have maintained a consistent style of play and achieved victories through that same approach. However, this year, our team is lacking in sharpness. The ability to penetrate the opposing team's penalty area is sorely missed. Despite this, our performance tonight showcased impressive speed in dribbling, and even our performance on the wings was not subpar. We employ the same strategies that we did the year prior, when we never had the attackers in optimal shape. Tonight I saw them better though," said the Lazio coach.

"Our ranking is most likely in the range of the average of the rankings from this year and the prior year. We definitely don't show our true strength this year; we took advantage of certain situations last year." Continued the former Napoli coach.

"We need to take the positive and analyze it. We gave away two goals. There are errors and we absolutely need to take note of them. Details make the difference." concluded the Tuscan coach.

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