Tare: "I Feel Immobile Still Has A Lot To Offer. I Don't Think He Should Be Judged, I Think He Should Be Recognized."

Igli Tare, who previously held the position of sporting director at Lazio, conversed with Cronache di Spogliatoio about the club, including the Super League from a current perspective, he also discussed his relationship with Claudio Lotito.

"Super league? I believe it will have a follow-up. However, it's still unknown if it's capable of damaging football. It's complicated to have a favorable or unfavorable opinion. The initiators of this endeavor are well-known corporations in debt. We must understand the route that will be taken. Today's football is different. It will be difficult to observe one title after another. It's too early to have a solid concept now. At this point, UEFA is very influential and committed."

"Lotito? I gained a lot from him, he is an intelligent person who is proficient at football, despite his own method. He was a remarkable instructor. I spent 15 years in a love-and-hate relationship. We enjoyed each other's company very much. He understood what my strengths were, I understood he was superior to me in rank. After that, he understood that he could speak to a certain degree, and then he had to let me do my job. We then moved on. I considered staying in Rome for all of my life, including my children who are also from Rome. However, the world around us is changing very rapidly. I wanted to see the world outside, and work far from the capital."

"Immobile? For others, scoring 7/8 goals in the league is a lot, but for him, it's not much. I don't think he should be judged, I think he should be recognized. Immobile is always Immobile, when he's in a good mood, he's a player that still makes an impact. I can tell how Sarri feels. I feel Immobile still has a lot to offer. He has scored a lot of goals in the last two years."

"Milinkovic-Savic? I believe he is becoming a champion. He makes a difference in any team or country. In the past, there were interactions with all of the large teams in the league regarding his possible move to Italy. But it was the price that made the difference, and that changes all the time. It was entirely worth the valuation, which was close to 100. When the offer occurred, Lotito chose out of love for the team and the club's ambitions."

"I now have a positive outlook toward my time at Lazio. I follow their results with interest and I hope that they maintain the level achieved in recent years."

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