[Official] FIGC Sports Court Rejects S.S. Lazio's Appeal: Sections Closure Stands For Napoli Match

S.S. Lazio has informed their supporters that the FIGC Sports Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal against the closure of Curva Nord and Distinti Nord, as well as the East and West sectors, for an upcoming match day. Consequently, these mentioned areas will remain shut and inaccessible to the public during the match against Napoli. The federation has also rejected the club's appeal regarding a €50,000 fine, issuing a warning to the team.

The appeal was filed by the Biancoceleste club in response to the closure of Curva Nord and other sections following racist incidents directed at Romelu Lukaku during the 1-0 victory in the Coppa Italia derby, secured by Mattia Zaccagni's penalty goal.

As a result, supporters with season tickets in these three sections will be unable to attend the match and face a disqualification penalty. Despite efforts to reopen the entire stadium for the Napoli match, these attempts proved unsuccessful. However, the club has taken prompt measures to accommodate season ticket holders, allowing them to watch the game from the Tribuna Tevere or Tribuna Monte Mario by paying an additional fee ranging from €11 to €32, depending on the chosen section.

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