[Official] Lazio's Sporting Director Gets Suspended For One Month Due To His Protest Actions

Angelo Mariano Fabiani, Lazio's sporting director, has been handed a one-month suspension by the Sports Judge for his aggressive protests towards referee Maresca after the first half during the match between Lazio and Bologna. 

Fabiani, who had already acknowledged his lengthy disqualification, will be barred from engaging in any operational activities or entering the stadium until March 20, 2024. 

The details of the ruling include accusations that Fabiani entered the field at halftime to confront the referee in a threatening and intimidating manner and later, upon returning to the locker rooms, continued his confrontational behavior by lightly pushing the referee. 

Additionally, Alberto Bianchi, responsible for the youth sector and Fabiani's assistant, has also received a one-day suspension for vehemently contesting the referee's decisions in the vicinity of the changing rooms at halftime.

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