Provedel: "We Are The First To Be Upset And Angry Because We Work Hard During The Week And We Are Not Able To Deliver To The Field What We Prepare. It Is A Shame."

The final score at the Gewiss Stadium is 3-1, with Atalanta emerging victorious over Lazio. Gasperini's team solidifies their hold on fourth place, widening the gap between them and the Biancocelesti. At present, there is a five-point difference, with Atalanta sitting comfortably at 39 points while Lazio remains anchored at 34. Ivan Provedel shares his reflections on the match.

"In my assessment, it appears that there was a deficiency in effectively distributing the ball during today's match, a crucial strategy when facing aggressive teams such as Atalanta. Consequently, the rest of the team's performance mirrored this issue."

"I apologize for my part in the third goal. Had we maintained a 2-0 lead, the outcome might have been different. Moving forward, we need to improve our performance in the next match. The opposing team displayed great aggression from the beginning, and although we didn't lose hope after taking an early lead, we faced difficulties and suffered the consequences."

"Some things didn't work out because there was a lack of precision, possibly on my part, in passing the ball to my teammates. The difference in these matches is produced by the circulation of the ball, which we lacked in terms of quality, as shown in Immobile's penalty chance and almost goal with a header."

"What the fans say is correct; when you are not ideal, something is lacking in terms of determination. We are the first to be upset and angry because we work hard during the week and we are not able to deliver to the field what we prepare. It is a shame. We are guys that care a lot and get irritated when things don't go as planned; we want to do much, much better."

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