Sarri: "We Encountered Atalanta, Who Were In Excellent Condition Both Physically And Mentally. It Is Fair To Say That Atalanta Earned Their Victory."

In a crucial head-to-head match, Lazio suffers a defeat at the hands of Atalanta. Maurizio Sarri, moments after the game concludes, shares his thoughts with Dazn's reporters.

"We encountered Atalanta, who were in excellent condition both physically and mentally, and found them to be a formidable opponent in terms of skills, strength, and mindset. Our team faced difficulties in the first half but showed some improvement in the second half. Ultimately, when evaluating the match, it is fair to say that Atalanta earned their victory."

"The value of these results is derived from the length of the championship. Should Atalanta's current form persist for another three months, it would be justifiable for them to secure a spot in the Champions League. However, it is crucial for Atalanta to consistently perform at their peak both technically and mentally to showcase their brand of football."

"What I witnessed was not brilliance and unwavering confidence, but rather a team grappling with their struggles. But if they can overcome these obstacles, they will discover vast expanses of opportunity. We missed this step for 60 minutes before finding it in the last half hour. It's a shame we didn't make it 3-2 because we could have caught up in terms of head-to-head matchups."

"When I talk about displacement, I don't simply mean physical displacement; I'm also talking about technical, mental displacement, which is just as essential, if not more so. We have sometimes lacked in one of these three areas, not so much in terms of numbers from a physical standpoint, but then you have teams that move less than us but more effectively."

"I am not interested in the transfer market; that is not my job, therefore I adapt. I think I need to focus on the team rather than the transfer market." 

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