Sarri: "Having Fun For The Team Is Very Important. When The Team Is Having A Fun On The Field, It Has A Ripple Effect, Captivating Not Only The Players But Also The Spectators."

After securing a crucial victory against Cagliari with a score of 3-1 in the Serie A match last Saturday (10/02), Maurizio Sarri emphasized the importance of Lazio finding their joy on the field once again. These three valuable points have kept their aspirations of contending for a top-four spot alive.

Sarri finds himself under mounting pressure this season, but Lazio, despite limited resources, can still make a strong showing by securing a spot in the last 16 of the Champions League. Their upcoming match against Bayern Munich, scheduled for next Wednesday at the Stadio Olimpico, presents an opportunity for them to prove their mettle.

As the press conference unfolded, the Lazio coach shared his insights on the significance of finding joy amidst the intense competition on the field, while also acknowledging the formidable challenge that awaited them in the upcoming away match against Cagliari.

"Having fun for the team is very important, what is important is that it is collective fun, it is contagious. When the team is having a fun on the field, it has a ripple effect, captivating not only the players but also the spectators. And today, they achieved just that. Despite the challenges that often arise during games, they made a conscious effort to restore harmony and purity to the match."

"Cagliari have collected 15 of their 18 points at home, so it's a tough place to be. It is risky to leave a match open in the last minutes. We played effectively to maintain control of the game following their goal."

Next, Sarri responded to claims that Lazio had a string of poor performances.

"They said we were in trouble, but in the league, we have 16 points in the last seven games. In this period we performed well, we performed terribly previously."

"Their goal started from some wrong movements between the midfield and defense that opened up space in the middle."

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