Inzaghi: "It's Been An Amazing Journey, And I'm Forever Thankful To Lazio For Kickstarting My Coaching Career."

Simone Inzaghi, the coach of Inter Milan, acknowledged the crucial role that Lazio played in his coaching career, culminating in his triumph with Inter in winning the title. During an interview with DAZN, Inzaghi expressed his gratitude to Lazio for giving him the chance to start his coaching journey, highlighting their strong performance before the COVID-related suspension of the season. 

"It's been an amazing journey, and I'm forever thankful to Lazio for kickstarting my coaching career," remarked Inzaghi.

"We had some fantastic years there and were leading the table when COVID halted the season. Whether we could have won at that point, I'm not sure."

Despite Lazio's desire to maintain a positive relationship, Inzaghi felt it was time for a change and was attracted to the opportunity at Inter, citing his familiarity with key figures such as Beppe Marotta, Piero Ausilio, Dario Baccin, and Javier Zanetti. He acknowledged the challenges ahead but remained focused on building upon their success without boasting about past achievements. 

"Lazio intends to maintain our positive relationship, but personally, I believe it's time for a new chapter. Considering Inter's recent Scudetto win, I don't anticipate them selling their top players," noted Inzaghi.

"However, something within me urged me to join Inter. I've collaborated with Marotta during my time at Sampdoria, and I've been acquainted with Ausilio, Baccin, and Zanetti for many years, albeit as rivals."

"So, I'm confident that we can continue building on our success despite inevitable challenges. We've weathered tough times before without boasting about our achievements, and that's what matters most."

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