Lazio's Auronzo Summer Retreat Faces Uncertainty Amid Contractual Challenges

April 19, 2024

The fate of Lazio's Auronzo summer retreat for the upcoming season is unclear. Traditionally held in July in the Cadore area for the past 15 years, this year's event faces doubts. Although President Lotito recently signed an agreement resolving contractual issues with the Venetian municipality in the province of Belluno, new reports suggest ongoing challenges in securing accommodations for the Biancoceleste team. According to Il Gazzettino, the Belluno court has temporarily entrusted the management of the hotel for the upcoming summer season to Auronzo, necessitating a tender process with a tight timeline.

In response to this uncertainty, the mayor of Auronzo expressed that without guarantees on hotel availability, the municipality considers themselves released from their agreement with Media Sport Event, the organizing company. The mayor explained that efforts to find suitable accommodations faced obstacles, such as fully booked hotels and logistical concerns about alternative options. Media Sport Events, however, disagrees with this stance, highlighting potential legal disputes and emphasizing their readiness to fulfill their mandate to bring Lazio to Auronzo for the retreat.

Gianni Lacché, president of Media Sport Events, expressed confidence in finding a resolution, mentioning ongoing discussions and potential intervention by President Lotito to address the situation and ensure Lazio's summer retreat proceeds smoothly. 

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