Lotito: "Today, Lazio Requires The Fans' Support, Regardless Of Their Current Place In The Standings, As We Strive For Improvement."

May 13, 2024

Lazio's president, Claudio Lotito, conveyed a message to Igor Tudor's team, emphasizing his goal for a stable future for the club. The Aquile are embarking on a new project under the Croatian coach, preparing for the upcoming summer transfer window with expectations of significant changes. Key players like Ciro Immobile and Luis Alberto may be let go to accommodate incoming talent.

Known for his conservative approach to transfer spending, Lotito is expected to sell surplus players to finance new acquisitions, creating uncertainty as the summer approaches.

Addressing the current Biancoceleste squad under Igor Tudor, Lotito emphasized the opportunity for players to train in an exceptional environment and urged young players to work diligently to succeed in the sport.

"I reminded the players that they can train in an exceptional facility after their time on the field and stressed to the younger ones the importance of working diligently to fully appreciate this sport." Said the president as quoted by LaLazioSiamoNoi.

Reflecting on past challenges, Lotito highlighted the importance of unity, sacrifice, and fan support for Lazio's success, underscoring the need for players to approach each match with determination and teamwork. 

"The winning teams are those that step onto the field prepared to battle; this is what fans desire—to see players give their all on the pitch."

"With a spirit of sacrifice and unity, victory is attainable; set aside rivalries and transform them into a source of team chemistry."

"Today, Lazio requires the fans' support, regardless of their current place in the standings, as we strive for improvement."

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