Tudor: "There’s A Lot Of Room For Improvement. We Have Good Players, Some Who Can Adapt, And Others Who Need To Be Evaluated. We Need To Work With The Club To Develop A Team Capable Of Playing My Style Of Football."

The match at the Olimpico Stadium in Rome ended in a 1-1 draw. Lazio secured the necessary point against Sassuolo to guarantee participation in the next Europa League. It was a largely uneventful match, save for Zaccagni's free kick that temporarily put Lazio ahead, leaving the Olimpico crowd somewhat dissatisfied. Coach Igor Tudor shared his thoughts on the team's performance at the post-match press conference.

When asked about the quality of players like Luis Alberto, Pedro, and Felipe starting in the summer, and any updates on Kamada, Tudor responded, "The Europa League is a deserved achievement. In two and a half months, we've made good progress, culminating in today's point. There's still work to be done, and we’re in discussions with the club to improve. There's no new update on Kamada yet, but we’ll see in the coming days."

On the topic of Lazio’s growth potential, Tudor said, "There’s a lot of room for improvement. We have good players, some who can adapt, and others who need to be evaluated. We need to work with the club to develop a team capable of playing my style of football. Improvement is possible in all areas, and we aim to create a strong team for both the league and the Europa League."

Regarding Nicolò Rovella's performance and the atmosphere, Tudor shared, "Today was very exciting. I spoke with Eriksson, who asked about Ciro's goals. Rovella has had two good matches against Inter and today. He can improve, especially in ball recovery, as his playing qualities are high."

When questioned about having a coach with only a one-year contract, Tudor commented, "Whether it’s three years or one, it doesn’t change much for me or the locker room. Contracts are just paperwork; what matters is the work we do."

On ambitions and market strategy, Tudor stated, "The last Scudetto was won in 2000. Every coach wants a strong team, and I believe the president wants that too. The players make the difference, and it’s up to the coach to guide the team."

Responding to the fans' whistles, Tudor said, "The fans wanted a win, and so did we. Today was emotional, and although a point was enough for us, Sassuolo played freely. The boys felt the pressure, but I commend them for their efforts."

Regarding the upcoming training camp, Tudor mentioned, "Training is year-round, not just in camp. During preparation, we aim to do the best job possible, and there will be a lot of hard work."

On strengthening the squad and Guendouzi’s future, Tudor chose to keep his answer private, indicating it was a matter for internal discussion.

Finally, on Kamada's position and the need for another striker, Tudor said, "Kamada is better in front of the defense rather than in attack, though he can be positioned forward in certain matches. Regarding strikers, it’s the same as my previous answer."

When asked about working on set pieces and shots on goal, Tudor acknowledged, "Statistics cover the whole year, and I’ve only been part of it. Set pieces are important, and we need to analyze and improve because points can be lost over the season." 

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