Pedro Turned Down Como's Proposal And Made The Decision To Stay At Lazio For One More Year

Pedro has expressed his desire to continue playing for Lazio. Recently, he turned down an offer from Como, which came through his friend Fabregas, who tried to persuade him to leave the capital. Despite the tempting offer, Pedro graciously declined as he still has ambitions to fulfill with Lazio, as reported by Il Corriere dello Sport.

His determination is clear: he aims to stay for another year in pursuit of winning a trophy in Italy, much like he has done in Spain and England in the past. His contract extension process commenced after his 25th appearance last year, notably in the cup derby victory against Roma with a score of 1-0, which explains his continued association with Lazio.

Nevertheless, there remains a slight chance of his departure. Pedro could leave if he reaches a mutually agreeable contract termination with the club. Otherwise, he will commit to serving under Baroni for another season in Serie A, with the goal of clinching a trophy that has eluded him in the last three years. 

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