Felipe Anderson Idea For Reinforcement

A story that lasted 5 years, which ended with the departure of Felipe Anderson for London and the important capital gain of Lazio.  

Three years after the farewell, the Brazilian winger has been insistently re-approached to the Biancoceleste. In these seasons Felipe has not found space either in London, after a good start, or in Portugal under the guidance of Conceição.  

His statistics, to date, are very bad and therefore the 1993 class returned to the Biancoceleste rumor to seek redemption in the team where he did the best.  

In Rome, after 5 years of Inzaghi, the new cycle of Maurizio Sarri is being born, which will probably focus on a new tactic: the 4-3-3. The need for two attacking wingers could push Lazio towards Anderson, but to date, the doors are still closed.  

The Biancoceleste evaluate other options, think of other names and, at the moment, do not evaluate the hypothesis on his return. However, "El Pipe" has devalued a lot and the contract expiring in 2022 makes it a possible market opportunity for Lazio.  

It is not excluded, however, that if Lazio struggled to close negotiations in that role, they could concretely evaluate the hypothesis. Until today, however, there is no negotiation, the Club has other plans and wants to follow the path that already been traced in this recent weeks.

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