Day 1 At Auronzo Di Cadore

Auronzo's Lazio retreat, the first training session under the orders of Mr. Sarri ended: first tests of 4-3-3.

Day 1 in Auronzo di Cadore for the Lazio retreat.  In the shadow of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Biancoceleste's approach to the 2021/2022 season begins under the guidance of Mr. Maurizio Sarri.  Unlike in previous years, something has changed: no longer the walk with real training the next morning, but an afternoon session.

As reported by Lazio Style Radio, the team after a session in the gym, useful for reactivating the muscular circuit after weeks of inactivity, moved to the field.  The squad available to the coach was divided into 5 groups that worked lightly on an obstacle course, then began to increase the pace.  The Primavera coach Alessandro Calori was also present on the sideline, in conversation with Sarri and Martusciello.  Some young players were present, including Raul Moro.

The team was then divided into three groups for ball exercises.  Simple steps initially, first with the right, then with the left, with different types of external and internal control.  Stefan Radu and Milinkovic-Savic lead the group, a sign of how the Sergeant is now a point of reference for his teammates.

To close the first training session under the Tre Cime di Lavaredo was a match on a reduced pitch.  And it is immediately 4-3-3.  "Two touches, the third is for the shot", these are the indications of Mr. Sarri.  The coach then requested more attention on the insertions and explained to the team the nature of the central attacker's movements and the external ones.  In short, in Auronzo it is already time for Sarrismo.

These are the teams in the reduced field both with the 4-3-3:

Green: Strakosha, Lazzari, Patric, Vavro, Hysaj; Troise ('2nd half Bertini), Escalante, Akpa Akpro;  Adekanye, Caicedo, Raul Moro

Blue: Reina, Marusic, Luiz Felipe, Radu, Fares; ('2nd half Durmisi),  Milinkovic, Leiva, Cataldi;  Shehu, Muriqi, Jony

Result: Green v Blue (0-1), Goal: (G)Patric OG

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