Lazio's Schedule In Serie A TIM 2021/22

July 15, 2021

The next Serie A championship begins to come to life. DAZN Italia channels begin to discover the Lazio calendar for the 2021/2022 season.

Serie A 2021/2022 calendar:

1st matchday: Empoli-LAZIO

2nd matchday: LAZIO-Spezia

3rd matchday: Milan-LAZIO

4th matchday: LAZIO-Cagliari

5th matchday: Torino-LAZIO

6th matchday: LAZIO-Roma

7th matchday: Bologna-LAZIO

8th matchday: LAZIO-Inter

9th matchday: Verona-LAZIO

10th matchday: LAZIO-Fiorentina

11th matchday: Atalanta-LAZIO

12th matchday: LAZIO-Salernitana

13th matchday: LAZIO-Juventus

14th matchday: Napoli-LAZIO

15th matchday: LAZIO-Udinese

16th matchday: Sampdoria-LAZIO

17th matchday: Sassuolo-LAZIO

18th matchday: LAZIO-Genoa

19th matchday: Venezia-LAZIO

20th matchday: LAZIO-Empoli

21st matchday: Inter-LAZIO

22nd matchday: Salernitana-LAZIO

23rd matchday: LAZIO-Atalanta

24th matchday: Fiorentina-LAZIO

25th matchday: LAZIO-Bologna

26th matchday: Udinese-LAZIO

27th matchday: LAZIO-Napoli

28th matchday: Cagliari-LAZIO

29th matchday: LAZIO-Venezia

30th matchday: Roma-LAZIO

31st matchday: LAZIO-Sassuolo

32nd matchday: Genoa-LAZIO

33rd matchday: LAZIO-Torino

34th matchday: LAZIO-Milan

35th matchday: Spezia-LAZIO

36th matchday: LAZIO-Sampdoria

37th matchday: Juventus-LAZIO

38th matchday: LAZIO-Verona

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