Lazzari: "Working with Sarri, I Will Have A Better Chance At National Team"

Lazio's morning training ended under the orders of coach Maurizio Sarri.  Arriving on the seventh day of retreat under the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Biancoceleste continue to prepare for the season which, in less than two months, will start.  

At the end of the session, Manuel Lazzari, number 29 biancoceleste, spoke to the microphones of Lazio Style Radio.  These are his words:

"We were excited to leave for Auronzo, we are happy.  This is my third year, compared to the first two this is completely different both in terms of physical work and that on the pitch.  With the change of form, there is a lot of work to be done on the defensive line with the four-man line, but we are following the coach and working hard.  We must continue like this."

"I have heard a lot about my new role, honestly I have not listened to anyone and when I heard of the arrival of Mr. Sarri I was very happy.  I wanted to test myself, I can easily play the new role, I have already covered it in the national team and at Spal.  Sarri has his ideas of football especially for the defensive line, we are working hard to put his ideas into play as soon as possible.  This week as a right-back I am going very well.  I had some difficulties the first few days when everything was new, but with two workouts a day we are integrating very well and it is also a lot of fun."

"The first day I arrived in Formello, I spoke to the coach who asked me what I thought of the new role.  I was looking forward to a year with the back four, I wanted to try a new role I had held in the past, but with Sarri's new ideas.  I was happy and very excited."

"Working with the back four with Lazio I will have a better chance of carving out a place in the national team, I will depend on how I react and what I do with Lazio.  After the European Championships, I tried to write to Immobile, but he changed his number and didn't read it, I'm very happy for them.  During the final I was very tense, the second half I saw him in the room because there are too many owls for my taste.  I give a big round of applause to Immobile and Acerbi and I hope to see them again soon."

"Yesterday's free half-day was needed because we spent a lot on a physical level, we recharged ourselves and from today we started again in a great way.  From next season I expect a lot from myself, the fans expect a lot, we will play fun and attacking football.  The sooner we adjust to the game levels, the sooner we start having fun.  I don't think playing as a high winger is in my ropes, I talked about it with the coach who thinks the same way.  I need a field to attack space so I have to be good at working in the defensive phase, in the offensive phase there are no problems."

"I've met Felipe Anderson these days, he's a fantastic player with incredible qualities.  He will give us a great hand and whoever plays behind him will also have to cover him.”

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