Acerbi: "Everyone Here Is Hungry And Willing To Do Things"

Francesco Acerbi spoke in the morning from the Marienfeld retreat.  The defender, despite the few training sessions together, wanted to have his say about Maurizio Sarri.  These are the words of him, released to the microphones of Lazio Style Channel:

"The European Championship was great, a fantastic group, we were always together and the victory came well deserved.  The group made the difference, it was something more than those who had more quality players.  The Lazio fans were wonderful, they were close to us, always supporting us, and Ciro and I want us to go back to normal.  I can't wait to see them again at the stadium."

"Now in a month my son is born and I will be even happier and can't wait.  There are so many things I still want to do and want to accomplish.  The first days of training are intense and very different from Simone Inzaghi.  I do a different job and I love it.  We are excited and energized, ready to do well."

"I've seen Felipe Anderson and players who are hungry, willing, and willing to do well.  Now I will get to know the others calmly, but everyone is committed and gives their best.  Without group, discipline, and desire you are not going anywhere."

"The four-man defensive line will be very narrow and we must all move in the same way, we work on the details to do well and to win.  I want to improve and grow continuously.  There is work to be done on the defense, there are still no automatisms and it will take time.  The goals we set ourselves with a staff and a coach who has won so much are endless.  We aim to be at the top, returning to the Champions League and not setting ourselves limits.  With perseverance, desire, and determination you can do great things.  We must be a united group and happy to work with Sarri, who is a different coach than Mancini: here too we have to recover the ball forward to score goals.  There are many quality players and this will lead us to be a Lazio player."

"I do not enjoy things when they happen, I am very happy and proud for the European Championship but I like to work and not be satisfied to give my best on the pitch.  I will understand the value of the European Championship in ten years.  If you stop you lose the good you have done, I want to work more and grow.  I am proud to have got up after my illness without ever giving up and to have managed to lift something important, it is my consecration.  I don't want to stop."

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