Luka Romero: "I Want To Write My Story As Luka Romero"

Luka Romero, from Mallorca to Rome. To the happiness of the Lazio fans, who welcomed him in the best way in the Auronzo di Cadore training camp. The youngster talent earned the applause of those fans and current first-team squads, as well as the trust of Maurizio Sarri, who confirmed it in the group also for Marienfeld. 

The boy, on whom the comparison with Lionel Messi continues to "weigh", is working in Formello, trying to earn, with humility and sacrifice, an important place in the biancoceleste squad. The season is upon us and there is no time - nor opportunities - to lose if we want to continue our growth path. 

"Landing in an important Italian club is a privilege for any player. In this particular case, it was also for Luka, a great leap in his career", said Alejandro Saggese. Alejandro Saggese is a technician who knows Luka very well. He was the coach of Argentina U15 when the striker was called up for the first time in the national team. Romero was 13 years old and Saggese also followed him on the occasion of the South American U15 which took place at the end of 2019 in Paraguay. 

Speaking to La Lazio Siamo Noi microphones, the coach spoke of the player he met: "He is very young, but the conditions invite us to think positively about his future. He has shown it. Winning the place will be linked to the support that the team will give him and if they will allow him to stay in a context in which he can continue to grow and improve."

The new signing of Lazio weighs a comparison that is nothing short of "dangerous", the one that often compares him to Lionel Messi. He had expressed himself on the situation in past interviews, underlining that he did not want to live in the shadow of the similarity with the Argentine champion: "I want to write my story as Luka Romero". 

Called to have his say on the subject, Saggese explained: "You have to be careful with comparisons, he is still a kid. In all cases, the fact that they approach him to a player of this level is certainly a source of pride. If I imagined that, in a short time, he would end up in the crosshairs of the big players in Europe? Honestly, it is very difficult to make predictions with the boys, but Luka has shown in a short time important improvements as a player. And with an important learning ability for his age."

Passion and commitment are the secret weapons of the "little" Luka who, over the years, have allowed him to differentiate himself from other companions. This was confirmed by the coach who gave him his debut in the national team: "He differentiated himself from the others not only for his football skills but for his passion and commitment. If I keep hearing him? here his short career, and I am very happy with his progress, considering however that he still has a long way to go."

The fans are thrilled to see him on the pitch in a Serie A match. Having landed in the capital for about a month, the expectations for him are already very high. A double-edged sword for Luka, who must be able to withstand the pressure and, indeed, feed the right hunger to make his way even in Italy. "It is a good thing that the fans expect a lot from Luka because he can repay them. But patience is equally important, after all, we are talking about a very young player," concluded Saggese.

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