Radu: "It Won't Be Easy Against Spezia"

August 28, 2021

Stefan Radu spoke in the Lazio-Spezia Matchday Program: the words of the defender

"We are still at the beginning of our new path, the improvements are starting to show.  During the pre-season retreats, we were still in the early stages with the new game system and new ideas, now there is still a lot of work to do;  we are confident of being able to reach the point of knowing that the coach asks for."

"The first day of the championship is always difficult: we return to play after several months and there may be some hesitation.  Winning the first Serie A match always gives everyone a lot of confidence."

"The newcomers seem to have been here for a lifetime.  They too say they have found an extraordinary group. We have always been players who have welcomed the new players well, making them feel what is right from the start.  They lack nothing and have felt at Lazio for a long time."

Then he commented about his record that broke Favalli's record, 

"It was an exciting day.  Overcoming Beppe Favalli and becoming the most present player in the history of Lazio was something incredible for me.  It has never been a personal goal, I've always been very focused on my work, but slowly the closer I got to this goal, the more I thought: “In a little while I could become the most present in the history of this Club”. "

"I would have liked, in the torso of that afternoon, to have my fans in the stands of the stadium, the goals are beautiful when there are supporters to celebrate them.  It will be exciting to return to see the Lazio fans at the Olimpico on the occasion of the match against Spezia, it will be nice.""

And at last, he commented about Spezia squads,

"Spezia has a nice group, they seem to have known each other for a lifetime and offer a nice football.  They have good possession and are always trying to lead the game, a difficult game awaits us.  It will not be an easy match, we have always suffered these matches where we start as favorites.  We have to be careful in Spezia, we struggled last year too, even though we took home the three points both on the first leg and on the return leg.  The Ligurians are an organized team."

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