Lazio 21/22 Transfer Ratings

As reported on the website, here is the rating for all players that coming to Lazio in this transfer market.

  • Felipe Anderson 7.5

It is true that the returning player sometimes "doesn't work".

But he has already amazed us against Spezia and we are convinced that he will continue to do so in many other games as well.  He just has to find trust and continuity and then he will be truly unstoppable.


  •  Pedro Rodriguez 7

We are talking about the player who has won a lot of awards in his career.

It is up to Sarri to manage it in the best way.  Both from a physical point of view and a tactical point of view.  The player is a guarantee.  He will be very useful throughout the season.


  •  Luka Romero 6.5

He is still too young to have his say importantly.

We are talking about a sixteen-year-old boy who has already had the opportunity to show us some extremely interesting things.  With Sarri he can grow well but let see if he can explode in this season for Lazio.


  • Elseid Hysaj 6.5

It is a safe "transfer".  Sarri knows him well.  He is a player with a constant performance who gives great balance to the defensive department.  Good buy, no doubt.


  •  Mattia Zaccagni 7

Those who expected Kostic mistakenly consider him as a downgrade.

But buying him is extremely important.  He can fill more roles, he knows our football too.  With the "touch" of Sarri, we would not be surprised to (re) see him in the national team.


  •  Dimitrije Kamenovic 5

He is part of the usual strangers who come to Lazio.

He will need time to settle in and to convince Sarri.  We hope well for him, as right now he is still not officially registered for Lazio Squads.


  •  Toma Basic 6.5

We know little about him but all the references about him are good.

If he manages to get into our league quickly he would be a great asset to compete with Luis Alberto or Milinkovic in midfield.


Overall: 6.5

The team this year seems to have a more competitive bench than last season.  The problem remains the defense even if with the arrival of Sarri we all hope that some players we have seen little so far will be re-evaluated.  There is certainly the potential to do better than last season's sixth place.

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