Reina: "Great Match Needs A Great Player Like Pedro To Win"

September 27, 2021

Last night derby was not only the attackers who stole the show, but also Pepe Reina. Interviewed on the microphones of the official Biancoceleste radio, the Spanish goalkeeper explored the issues of the derby.

"I'm happy because we had a positive first half-hour, with the right attitude. Then, thanks to their skill and some of our mistakes, Roma managed to shorten. There we were a bit hesitant. In the second half, we resumed the game in hand, and in the end, we should suffer. A painful victory is always more beautiful."

When he was asked which one was the most difficult safe in the match, 

"The one on the corner after Zaniolo's post. I'm happy to be able to help the team." Said the Spanish goalkeeper.

Then he commented about Lazio that was underestimated before the game, 

"In the end, I think that in a derby you can never underestimate anyone: there are no favorites. It goes without saying, but this match is always different, luckily in front of these wonderful fans. The team, in general, only made a mistake in the match against Cagliari: there we are missing two points. In Milan, however, it was tough, while in Turin they are always uncomfortable matches. So, let's look forward with the right patience: we are in a period of adaptation and growth. The results will not always be taken for granted."

He also gives some appreciation to his teammate, Pedro that scored a goal in the game.

"The Coach said so too: when there are great matches, you need to have great players to win. Pedro has always shown that he is ready for these matches. We already knew during the week that this was his match: I predicted that he would score."

And in the end, he also makes an update on the defense progress,

"There are many things that are done differently than in the past. Not just the defenders, but also the way to defend. This is not to be taken for granted, so I am honored to have in front of me the four who usually play but the whole team."

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